Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses wins the Regional Family Business Excellence Award 2022!

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses wins the Regional Family Business Excellence Award 2022!

The selection panel at The Family Business Excellence Awards 2022 have awarded Ferguson Plarre the Regional Family Business Excellence Award for the Medium Business category: Victoria/Tasmania 2022.

The Family Business Excellence Award recognises and celebrates family business excellence. The Family Business Excellence Award process recognises that family businesses differ from one another in the same way that non-family businesses do, and that they behave differently depending on how long they have been in operation, how large they are, and whether they are managed by the first or second generation of the family.

The judge's comments have left us feeling proud and excited for the future.

“What shone through the most is that it’s clear the humility, philosophy & values of the family have kept the business cohesive, grounded, successful and responsive to change & challenge for over 120 years. Congratulations, I hope you are as proud of this achievement and your family business as we are of you!”

Our business heavily relies on its history and culture, and for us to be recognised externally validates that what we’re doing is working and we couldn't be prouder of our family, business and all our staff.

Our business values were developed decades ago by the first generation of the Ferguson’s and Plarre’s. To this day we work hard to ensure all staff know them and apply them in their day-to-day duties – something that has an incredibly positive impact on our business.

As a business we are:

  • Proud, we love what we do and we are grateful while delivering services and products that create joy.
  • Sustainable, we’re driven to improve the world our children will inherit.
  • Optimistic, we are always future-focused and energised by the unknown.
  • Courageous, we will respectfully challenge when and where required and we are not afraid of pushing boundaries.
  • One Family, together we will achieve and celebrate goals, we treat each other as equals and we support each other in prosper and peril.
  • Customer Obsessed, customer relationships are more than a transaction.
  • Fun-loving, we have fun while being at our best. Everyone deserves to be happy.

We’re honoured to carry the title of the Regional Family Business Excellence Award 2022 for Medium Business. From our family to yours, we can’t wait to continue baking you happy!