Greenfleet and Ferguson Plarre: A Decade-Long Commitment to Sustainability

Since forging a partnership with Greenfleet in 2007, Ferguson Plarre has been dedicated to making a positive environmental impact and to date, we've successfully offset an impressive 11,054 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions on behalf of individuals and organisations to help fight the impacts of climate change. Being a part of this initiative means Ferguson Plarre get to help Greenfleet address critical deforestation, capture carbon emissions to protect our climate, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and restore habitat for wildlife.

In the current year alone, Ferguson Plarre has continued its commitment to sustainability by offsetting 245 tonnes of carbon emissions.

In 2017 we visited Greenfleet’s Wurneet Laang Laang site in Victoria and spent the day planting trees, 5 years later those trees are 12 meters tall and home again to the Strzelecki Koala. Since then, we’ve planted over 40,000 trees through Greenfleet’s native reforestation projects. Our ongoing collaboration with Greenfleet has allowed us to actively support vital reforestation projects such as Gendalough, Battery Creek, and Watson's Creek in Victoria.

As we reflect on our journey over the years, we are proud to have played a role in creating a healthier, greener future. Ferguson Plarre remains excited and dedicated to contributing towards sustainability initiatives, striving for a world that is not only brighter but also more environmentally conscious.